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Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009

As everyone in the world should know, JiM, axeman extraordinaire with Spearmint and Shirley Lee, has his own super band.  They’re called tELLEY.  We all love them to pieces and are delighted to announce that the debut album is shorlty to be unleashed into our ears… here’s further details:

“Now I’m The Big Sister” is the debut album from tELLEY it will put you in mind of classic xtc, sparks, The flaming Lips. In some ways it is the solo project of Jim from Spearmint as a showcase for his song-writing talent it also features the idiosyncratic drum style of longtime collaborator James Agnew. The album includes live favourite, a cover of sparks, “get in the swing”  it is testament to the quality of song writing that the other tracks rub shoulders so happily with it.

After the first single Rene and Silvi left and James and Jim nearly gave up, that was half the band gone. Jim carried on making the album at times feeling like a solo artist but then gradually by the end of recording the second line-up was complete, one band falling apart and becoming another as Sharon and eventually, Thom from the Gresham Flyers joined the line up. The band wanted to keep Rene on the cover, In many ways his role in the band remains the same. He never showed his face live because of his incredible stage fright yet he was ever present on a backing track. During the recording many tracks were built up around those backing tracks so he’s there yet not there at all.

“In my head this is what albums should sound like, It’s the album I should have made ten years ago but couldn’t have done without the last ten years of my life. I’ve worked towards this vision being in bands with prolific songwriters staying in the comfort of their ability all the time writing and planning. Now the time is right and I’m not giving myself a hard time or comparing myself to anyone else. I’m standing along side them and I’m giving you the tELLEY debut album, I hope you enjoy it” Jim

album tracklisting:

1.     Bad Boy, Good Girl
2.    All of the girls want to love you
3.     Red is my key
4.     Get in the swing
5.     Good at what you do
6.     Settle Down
7.     This is what you can’t have
8.     We are not like you
9.     The external fixator
10.   Over the Sea
tELLEY will be promoting the new album starting Friday 24 July at The Water Rats Kings Cross

Looking forward to seeing you all there… seriously, they’re ace!!!  Neil

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