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Posted on Nov 18th, 2008
It’s a new website

Hello and welcome to the new website. This is the place you can find out everything you wish to know about the forthcoming single and album, the book of graphic novellas, the first live shows, as well as reading the diary page on which Shirley will try to convey what 2009 is really like for a Shirley Lee in London…

The first single from the album is released on 26 January. It’s called “The Smack Of Pavement In Your Face”, and we’ll post the links for pre-ordering it as soon as we have them.

That’s followed by the eponymous debut album on 16 February. The songs featured on the album are mainly personal love songs, hence the decision for this to be solo, rather than Spearmint. The tracklisting:

1 Upside Down On Brighton Beach
2 Dissolving Time
3 Spiralina Girl
4 The Lights Change
5 Come On Feel The Lemonheads
6 The Smack Of Pavement In Your Face
7 London Ghost Stories
8 Walked Away
9 Smitten
10 The First Time You Saw Snow
11 The Traffic In The Street
12 The Reservoir
13 The Last Song

All of Spearmint play on the album, and the artwork and photos in the 16-page lyrics booklet are by Jim as usual. And in honor of this being a debut album, it will be released on a new label called “Missing Page”, distributed via Weatherbox and Pinnacle.

Also on 16 February, the University Of California publishes a book celebrating the lyrics of Shirley Lee. 24 songs, including tracks from the new album as well as Spearmint classics have been interpreted by different artists as graphic novellas, and are presented in a 12″ by 12″ book. More news about this soon…


Shirley and the band will be playing live shows from February onwards – details will be published here as they are confirmed. The first will be with The Bittersprings at The Rhythm Factory in London on Saturday 14 February,

One last thing: we’re looking for someone to help us… Somebody who would like to gain experience of this sort of thing, is prepared to help for little or no cash, and can have a go at badgering the music business on behalf of Shirley and Spearmint to confirm gigs – perhaps create opportunities for the songs to be featured in films etc. If this sounds appealing then please send an email to us.

Oh, and Spearmint? They’ll be back with new material in September to celebrate 10 years since the release of debut album “A Week Away”.


A Shirley Lee solo album? I’m excited. Put me down for two copies (I mean “originals” of course) ready for when the first wears out or I lend it to a friend who refuses to return it. How can I be so confident when I’ve not heard the album yet? We have 10 years of form to go on so your reputation goes before you.

Shirley Lee? A man’s name? Surely not.

16th February is in the diary.

• Posted by Richard Burbage at 4:25 pm on Nov 18th, 2008

That’ll be the 14th February, Richard. Unless you’re referring to something else that’s happening on the 16th. Lithuanian Independence Day, apparently.

• Posted by admin at 4:28 pm on Nov 18th, 2008


It says the album is released on 16th February. Isn’t the 14th Shirley Valentine’s Day and the 16th Shirley Lee Day?

• Posted by Richard Burbage at 6:16 pm on Nov 18th, 2008

Oh. I thought you were referring to the gig at the Rhythm Factory. I’m a dolt.

• Posted by admin at 6:17 pm on Nov 18th, 2008

I think we’re talking crossed swords (as it were). I meant the release of the album and you mean the gig?! They’re both now in my diary and I’ll be at the gig with my favourite beau (apply in writing, with a photo).

• Posted by Richard Burbage at 6:20 pm on Nov 18th, 2008

Hi Shirley,

I just finished listing to the taster tracks and like them all… In fact I actually listened to ‘The traffic on the street’ at least five times! Love it!!! Sounding as expectedly brilliant as we’d hoped.
Kind of a ‘Dinosaur Jr-esque’ end solo (I thought), great stuff.

I have just had a 9year relationship collapse so a Shirley Lee love song album will be both timely and poignant… Something to look forward to.

May the Gods of love shower you in happiness!

G. xXx

• Posted by Gilles Luwullèwa at 3:07 pm on Nov 21st, 2008
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