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Posted on Oct 18th, 2007
Cold Clear Night

I write this on a cold clear night in London – a bright crescent moon in the sky and it is definitely time to dig out the scarf and winter coat. I like it. I am about to have a quiet evening in catching up on a few chores: doing the washing, arranging rehearsals, updating the accounts… or more likely putting off tackling the accounts…

Am intending to watching Evil Dead 2 later… I have no idea what this will be like as I have never seen any of them. I have been catching up on some classic horror recently under the close supervision of my girl Bridie – Wolf Creek (fantastic), Dead End (very good), Jeepers Creepers (great start, rotten end), Halloween (dated but still great), Cabin Fever (rubbish) and The Descent (unwatchably bad).

I can heartily recommend some films from this year, as it is turning out to be a golden year at the movies, yes? It seems to me that these are all classics: Science Of Sleep, After The Wedding, Simpsons, Kenny, Conversations With Other Women, Hairspray, Michael Clayton, Two Days In Paris, Bourne Ultimatum, Half Nelson, The Bothersome Man, Zodiac, Dark Horse, Orchestra Seats and Last King Of Scotland…

Spearmint-wise, we went into Bark Studios in Walthamstow earlier this month and recorded a couple of songs with Brian O’Shaughnessy, really just to see how we liked it. It turned out to be thoroughly enjoyable; both tunes came out well, though one needs a new mix… Hence we are going to return there to do the bulk of the album. People are busy the next few weeks, so we are rehearsing in December, then recording in January. As ever, that seems like ages away, but I know it will fly

The way the writing is going, it looks like being quite a personal album, so we have had conversations about it being a Shirley Lee album, rather than Spearmint. Not sure whether it will end up like that or not – either way, all the guys will be involved in making it as usual. I am looking forward to us doing some more songs with Brian!

Jim has started work on the artwork for the Best Of – he showed me some good sketches the other night… Not sure whether it will come out before or after the new album.

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