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Posted on Apr 25th, 2014
Spearmint Rehearsal, Films of 2013

We had a Spearmint rehearsal – that’s us there in the picture. Very strange rehearsing after while, time stand still. It always seems to be just the same, that’s the bad things as well as the good things. If you want to invent a time machine, form a band and step into a rehearsal room – you won’t even experience night or day again. We crawled in there several years ago and emerged as Brundlefly. Not as good looking obviously. The band are the same, the songs are the same, the sofas’s the same and the lock on the storage door is the same: broken. In fact, the only thing that has changed is the price of hiring the room.

Andy is busy with Weller in May, so we will be playing the shows in London and New York as a quartet, the first time we have played in this format since 1999. Jim back on bass and me playing more guitar means we won’t be tackling certain songs, but makes thing punchy and quite energising. Andy will rejoin us for gigs as a quintet after that, and we will expand the number of songs we are drawing from.
Here are Bridie and my favourite films of 2013. For the first time, we came to the (pub) table with exactly the same top three, so that made it easy. We have negotiated on the rest. It seemed to be a year where a lot of attention was paid to a couple of (in my view) average films, while some crackers were ignored:
1  Blue Jasmine
2  Before Midnight
3  Frances Ha
4  All Is Lost
5  Cloud Atlas
6  Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
7  Enough Said
8  Inequality For All
9  Die Wand
10  Django Unchained
11  Nebraska
12  Zero Dark Thirty
13  The Worlds End
14  Behind The Candelabra
15  The Way Way Back
16  Prisoners
17  Black Fish
18  The Act Of Killing
19  Like Someone In Love
20  Stoker
21  The Secret World Of Walter Mitty
22  American Hustle
23  Hunger Games:Catching Fire
24  Anchorman 2
25  Love Is All You Need
26  Stories We Tell
27  The Place Beyond The Pines
28  Philomena
29  The Conjuring
30  Bernie
31  Upstream Colour
32  Captain Phillips
33  Dans Le Maison
34  About Time
35  Sleep Tight
36  In A World…
37  World War Z
38  Blood In The Mobile
39  Gimme The Loot
40  Mud
41  A Field In England
42  Compliance
43  Ping Pong
44  The Bling Ring
45  Springbreakers
46  Black Rock
47  This Is 40
48  Kings Of Summer
49  No
50  Side Effects
51  What Maisie Knew
52  The Lone Ranger
53  The Impossible
54  Pussy Riot A Punk Prayer
55  Trance
56  Star Trek Into Darkness
57  Frozen River
58  Breathe In
59  Robot & Frank
60  I, Anna
61  Despicable Me 2
62  Beautiful Creatures
63  Gravity
64  Arbitrage
65  The Sapphires
66  Side By Side
67  Monsters University
68  Salute
69  More Than Honey
70  Populaire
71  Oz
72  The Spirit Of 45
73  Now You See Me
74  The Paperboy
75  Dark Skies
76  West Of Memphis
77  Chained
78  Simon Killer
79  Les Invisibles
80  Beware Mr Baker
81  The Ice Man
82  Battle Of The Sexes
83  Mission To Lars
84  I Give It A Year
85  Identity Theif
86  Good Vibrations
87  No One Lives
88  Beyond The Hills
89  Olympus Has Fallen
90  Rebellion
91  Mama
92  The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
93  Terri
94  Only God Forgives
95  Milius
96  Something In The Air
97  The Summit
98  Don Jon
99  The Bay
100  The Frozen Ground
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